This is the transcript for for the video Your journey to UTS – international


Just explore new places because Sydney has a lot to offer. If you have friends that like to explore, there’s so many good places, so many new beaches, and they’re beautiful places to visit.


Don’t be scared of talking to strangers, because they’re really helpful here.


Live with people from different countries. I live in housing, great experience of meeting people from different countries, getting to know about their lives, ideas.


Have a nice jacket during the winters and stay cool during the summers. Definitely be in shorts because it can get very, very hot.


I would say in particular now that it’s summer, it’s important to always wear sunscreen and make sure that you don’t swim too far away from the shore, unless you’re a great swimmer, because there are a lot of rip currents.


The sun in Australia is pretty high in UV, I think. Always carry a sunblock, small, big, keep it in your pocket, keep it in a bag. It’s really useful.