This is the transcript for for the video University life for international students

Esminio Li Rivera II:

Hi, I’m Esminio Li Rivera II, and I’m studying Master of Physiotherapy by research and I am from the Philippines.

Your university experience goes beyond the classroom. It is your chance to meet new people, to try something new and to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. When you first arrive, it’s easy to feel nervous about speaking English in a group. Brush off those nerves in a fun and supportive setting at network cafe or conversation at UTS. Here, you can meet local and international students to practice your spoken English over a cup of coffee.

A fantastic way to meet new people and try something new is to join a club or society. And lucky for you, we got over 130 clubs and societies here in the university. Whether your interest is on sports, politics, theater, creative arts, pop culture, you can check them all out during the orientation at O’Day or you can visit any time the official website of ActivateUTS.

Want to supercharge your summer and winter breaks? Why not join UTS BUILD. They organize amazing opportunities for study and work abroad during the holidays. Plus, they host workshops and seminars during the teaching sessions. This will definitely help you build your confidence and leadership potential while you study. Getting involved on campus, it’s not only a lot of fun, but it’s also helpful for your career. Make sure to check out UTS Careers and their offerings like Accomplish Award program, Career Fairs and cross-university business competitions. These experiences will show employers that you’re engaged and outgoing. Also, this will help you stand out among the crowd when you are applying for the dream job.

Volunteering is another great way to meet new people, to learn new skills and to build up your resume. UTS SOUL will help you find great volunteering opportunities here in Sydney. If you’re more the entrepreneurial type or you’re interested by innovation, check out UTS Startups. It is a university-wide program to inspire and support student entrepreneurs. If you’ve got a business idea, they can help you with free coworking space, mentoring, pitch nights and industry events and more. Remember, getting involved with the things outside the classroom can help you meet new friends, improve your English and network for your future career. So give it a go and have fun.