This is the transcript for the video Undergraduate: How to apply for domestic students

Hi, I’m Jess – from the UTS Future Students team. This video is a guide to help you apply for undergraduate studies at UTS. I’ll go through the important points you need to know in applying for your course at UTS. 

Importantly, all undergraduate domestic student applications to UTS are made through UAC (University Admissions Centre). In your application, you can include up to five preferences. 

What are UAC preferences? Preferences are choices for courses that you’d like to study. They are ranked in the order from your most preferred course, or your first preferenceto your fifth preference. Remember: You have five preferences to choose from at any one timePreferences can be changed if you want to be considered for other courses or simply change your mindJust before every offer round, change of preferences will close until the offer round is complete. Check the UAC Key Dates for important dates. You do not need to list all five preferences but must choose at least oneAnd a Tip for you, if you are interested in a particular UTS course it’s best to have it as your first preference to be considered for an offer.  

How exactly is your application assessed? The answer depends on what kind of applicant you are. One type of applicant is a recent school leaver, meaning you are finishing high school and are applying to start university directly after your studies. OR if you finished high school in the two years prior to intake and have started no further studies within higher education (essentially had a gap year). If this is you, you will be considered for admission based on your selection rank. Your selection rank is a combination of your ATAR or IB Score (or equivalent) plus any adjustment points you may be eligible for through the admissions schemes we offer. The other type of applicant is a non-recent school leaver, which is anyone else that isn’t a recent school leaver. If this is you, you will be considered for admission based on any assessable qualification that you hold for the course or courses you want to apply for at UTS. This may include your High School Certificate (or equivalent), TAFE studies or degree studies from an Australian university (or overseas equivalent). These scores are translated to a selection rank, which is used for entry into our courses.  

If you are a recent school leaver and you’d like to know how likely you are to receive an offer – you can check the minimum selection ranks that were required to receive an offer in the previous Autumn intake.  You can find them on the UTS Course Listing Page and Course Pages on the Future Students webpage. Note this is an indication only as selection ranks can vary since they are based on demand from year to yearUTS has two main intakes: Autumn (commencing in March) and Spring (commencing in July or August). The bulk of our offers for Autumn are made in December Round 2 of the previous year, which is the first offer round after ATAR release. If you are a non-current school leaver (meaning you aren’t completing your HSC this year), you may receive an offer in earlier rounds because you will likely already have a qualification that we can assess your application on. If you are made an offer, you will receive an email from UAC to check the correspondence tab within your UAC account.  If you are not made an offer, you will be considered for all future offer rounds provided you are eligible and there are vacancies in courseRemember, you can change your preferences, including after an offer round, to be considered for other courses in future rounds. 

I hope you’ve learnt more about the application process to undergraduate studies. We also have a range of admissions schemes and admissions pathways to help get you to your dream course at UTS. We’ve created a separate video where I go into more detail about the various admissions schemes and pathways, so be sure to check that out for more information. Otherwise, you can always visit us at the UTS website or contact our Future Students team.