This is the transcript for the video Welcome to UTS in the Rugby Building at Moore Park.

Presenter 1 – Aaron Coutts 

Welcome to UTS at the Rugby Australia Building in Moore Park.

This world-class facility is a first for Australia, embedding university programs in a sporting centre of excellence. It’s home to more than 700 UTS students, staff and researchers, working across sport and exercise science and physiotherapy.

Presenter 2 – Rhys Tribolet

Our location within Sydney’s elite sporting precinct gives us the opportunity to work with professional athletes, coaches and sporting organisations, which is opening doors to internships and exciting careers.

Presenter 3 – Clem Grandou

Our high-performance training spaces include a multi-purpose sports hall, a resistance training facility and a rooftop running track. State-of-the-art classrooms and study spaces make it a great place to learn, collaborate and connect.

Presenter 4 – Lee Wallace

In our cutting- edge research labs, we’re working on a variety of projects including exercise physiology, biomechanics, training sciences, skill acquisition, strength and conditioning, and injury management and prevention.

Our researchers are making an impact in both sports performance and health outcomes for people of all ages and abilities.

Presenter 5 – Morrie Toum

And UTS’s Graduate School of Health operates an on-site physiotherapy teaching facility for postgrad and research students, with a focus on neuro-muscular rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Presenter 6 – Stacey Speer

And there’s also no better place to learn the skills that can take you into the press box with our industry relevant sports media and journalism degree.

Presenter 7 – Joanne Hausler

This custom-built facility is giving unmatched opportunities to UTS students and researchers looking to build a career in Australia’s sport and exercise industry. And it’s allowing UTS to play a leading role in the future of Australian sport.