This is the transcript for Women in Engineering & IT – an introduction (IT) | Women in Engineering & IT – an introduction (Eng)

Hello, my name is Ish and I’m the student engagement officer at the Women in Engineering and I’ve taken at DTS. Our vision is to create and lead social change so that study and career journeys are not limited by gender. Some of our programmes include primary and high school outreach, scholarships, and Lucy mentoring.

Now you’re going to hear a little bit more about our programmes for that limited engineering and it community. I’m currently in my third year of the women engineering it cooperatives scholarship was software engineering. And what that means is I have an industry placement every year closer with a company that is part of the programme and this has given me an insight as to how I can articulate my classroom based learning I guess, with the industry.

That’s a really good programme because it allowed me to do to the industry, as well as understand or the different opportunities out there after IVP University. This programme you get paired up with a mentor and always you 20 weeks,

I was able to connect with an industry professional from my field of study. So I got to learn about the professional workplace, expand my knowledge about the opportunities I have and connect with more people to to gain those opportunities and improve myself professionally and personally.

In terms of outreach programmes, I’ve been out to visit many high schools and help students learn about topics from electrical engineering to solve panels to even just the basic mechanics of engineering and seeing their excitement of getting to be doing hands on programmes of engineering stuff that we do here. You Let’s see, it’s been so exciting and rewarding.

So you really get the chance to develop your leadership and communication skills and work with a lot of like minded people. And that has been really great for me because I’ve been able to relate on top of the students my qhdc experience, and it’s kind of been an opportunity for me to, like, tell what I would tell my younger self to someone else.

You know, I’ve been coming to it ever since I was in first year and it’s been a really good community and I know that I’m safe and I know I have support around me with my arm, you know, with the people involved with it with other students as well. I’ve met a lot of my friends through that and you know, has really gave me that safeguard coming into UTM. As a first year student, you know, straight out of high school, I was really scared but knowing that there’s other women engineers around me with the same kind of issues that we’re facing in industry and also on power going in university. Hundreds of casual catch ups every week has been really good.

I just say just get involved with whatever activities you’re passionately to to. There’s so many and you can’t go wrong, because if you don’t find one, you can just move on to the next. The biggest mistake is just not doing anything.

I would highly recommend coming and joining us here at UTSA. And I think you’ll find that the ETS community and we’re ensuring it will really support you in exploring your interests, you will have the chance to diversify your connection with industry. We’ve had the chance to meet all the women and people to work with and there’s many opportunities here for you to explore your field of interest as well.