This is the transcript for the video Who teaches the BCII?

Speaker 1:
So who will teach you in the BCII? First of all, let me introduce myself. I’m a novelist. And I will introduce the cast of characters who are my colleagues in TD School. And I’m very blessed to work with these individuals. I can tell you that all of them care passionately about the work that we’re doing, and we all believe in it. We believe in our students and we really care for our students. So I’m a novelist. I studied… My first two degrees were in social anthropology. So I have a social sciences edge. I’m also an industry practitioner. I’ve worked through three decades as a creative director.

And I’ve also worked, I guess, across three fields now, I would say. So I’ve been a creative director, a novelist, and I’m also now in education obviously. I have colleagues who have worked in business, for example. I have colleagues who work in the arts, a couple of really wonderful colleagues who work in the arts. We have colleagues who work in sustainability in TD School, who will be teaching you. And sustainability is such an important stream in BCII, and I know that it’s something that a lot of people care passionately about. It’s also the story of our times that we must address and one of the complex challenges that we have to look at.
So we have business. We have sustainability. We have arts-based professionals. We have business professionals. We have engineers as well. We have engineering people. And we also have people who are experts in startups, entrepreneurship, who teach the entrepreneurship stream. And that’s just the beginning, because then we have an industry partnership base of over 2,000 individuals and around 800 companies. So you get taught by industry professionals, not just academics. You also have visitors from across the university, from across the globe because of this wonderful way that we have connecting now via Zoom. So we have open classrooms and an expansive learning opportunity like no other, beyond disciplinary boundaries. And you’re always taught by people who are experts in their field and who are extremely good at teaching and learning.