This is the transcript for the video What career opportunities come from studying the Diploma in Innovation?

Paul Brown (00:01):
So graduates from the Diploma of Innovation work in a wide range of roles. It’s very hard to define exactly one or two types of roles. But what we find is that we did a bit of research and we found that 75% of our graduates were currently working in innovation roles. And so these range from working in startups, in the kind of cutting edge tech areas. Including a number of students who are working on new ways of doing finance as one particular area. We have a lot of students who work in as kind of design consultants within organizations, and also two other organizations working for consulting firms. We have product designers, research commercialization kind of roles, essentially all areas of the Australian Innovation ecosystem areas that our students either work in or can work in.

In terms of the skills that we provide to students, we essentially help students who have an area that they want to work in, develop skills and expertise to help them stand out. So if we have students that are perhaps doing accounting or finance or something similar to that as their core degree, when they graduate with a Diploma of Innovation, they often can get the types of roles that students with those core degrees wouldn’t normally get. Which is great feedback for us as well in terms of the education experience we’re providing to students. We also, one of the really cool things that our students can do and enjoy doing is I like to have side hustles. So a number of our students either have a side hustle or are working in a startup of their own creation.