This is the transcript for the video What career opportunities are there after studying the BCII?

Speaker 1:
Nobody wants to invest in a degree without knowing that there is something at the end of it. Of course, you’re investing in an utterly transformative experience and in networks for life. But more than that, you’re investing in a potential career that will straddle, they say maybe 17 jobs in a lifetime for your generation, according to the Foundation for Young Australians. If that is the case, you need to future focus. You need to think how you can expand your possibilities. So I cannot tell you what job you will have at the end of BCI.

We have so many students doing so many different things right through from starting your own startup, working for yourself essentially, through to working for UNICEF, working for the government, working in consultancies, working at the cutting edge of your own discipline, and that is a very popular path. So if you’re an engineer, you might get a job as an innovation … Engineer with an innovative edge in an innovation department in engineering, for example. You will be able to have a future at the cutting edge of your own profession, and perhaps even professions that you haven’t dreamt of yet.