This is the transcript for the video What is the BCII and who is it for?

Speaker 1:
What is the Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation? Well, it’s a world first multi award winning degree, and that really makes a difference because you know that you are in for one of the most exciting learning journeys. It’s a transdisciplinary degree so you will be learning in a cohort of students from across the university. You’ll be tackling complex issues of our time. You’ll be doing futures thinking. You’ll be doing problem solving using methods from across our disciplines. You’ll be doing creative and critical thinking, and you’ll be doing lots of this. You’ll be doing incredible amounts of industry engagement from your first school onwards. That’s not saving the industry engagement, the real world authentic assessments for your fourth year. You’re doing that from your first winter school onwards.

It’s about all of that, but it’s also about having a lot of fun with graduates, well, potential graduates who you will stay networked with for the rest of your life. It’s an incredible way to stay connected across the university, make friends for life, have the time of your life. It’s one of those degrees that most our students believe is transformative. You do feel completely different by the end of it. It’s indescribable and it’s very hard to understand what this means until you’ve had your experience in it.

Who is the BCII for? Who is the sort of student who will do the Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation? Mostly, we find that they’re extremely curious. They’re students who often don’t know what subject to do at university, but want to keep their options open, want to future proof their core degrees. They might be, for example, engineers who are very talented at music and so on, but they’re such a range of personalities. It’s for extroverts. It’s for introverts. It’s for architects. It’s for lawyers. It’s for engineers. It’s for designers or people doing communication. It’s for students doing science.

You can only imagine how this stretches you. For example, a scientist. A scientist would have a scientific method, the scientific method. In BCII, students have so many methods. They’ll have dozens and dozens, if not 100 or more methods that they can use throughout the rest of their life by the time they graduate. It’s about expanding students and expanding your potential to think differently. Essentially, the BCII is for you if you are interested in expanding yourself. It’s for you if you’re interested in having a totally transformative experience. It’s for you if you really want to stretch yourself beyond the limits of your core discipline.