This transcript is for the video Nursing Clinical Spaces in 360°

Welcome to UTS’s state of the art clinical laboratories. Class begins with our nursing students being invited into the lab by a member of the clinical teaching staff. Let’s follow along.

Our laboratories are designed to mimic real world clinical practice so students can build the confidence necessary to treat future patients expertly. Students practise their skills on a selection of manikins, part task trainers and at times they even get involved in role play scenarios, sometimes playing the patient themselves.

Most clinical laboratory spaces at UTS have a control room attached where academic and technical staff control, monitor and assess a student’s engagement with our high fidelity manikins. Students are examined on their skills in reaction to a number of scenario based assessments.

Our students have access to the supportive practice laboratory, a learning environment exclusive to UTS. Within this space, students practise any clinical skill of their choosing with a clinical facilitator under a guided practice approach.

UTS is Australia’s top ranked young university and ranked first in Australia for nursing and midwifery. We are looking forward to welcoming you at our health faculty.