This is the transcript for the video Meet our Law academics

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Faculty of Law

Our academics


David Carter, Senior Lecturer: My research focuses on criminal law and healthcare.


Anais Tobalagba, PhD Student: The accountability and due diligence obligations for mining companies that are involved in violence against women.


Sacha Molitorisz, Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Ethics is my focus but also the law and media.


Professor Thalia Anthony: Criminal justice, particularly the impacts on Indigenous



Associate Professor Laurie Berg: Justice claims of temporary migrant workers in Australia.


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Our Faculty


Honni van Rijswijk, Senior Lecturer: Having the opportunity to write at the cutting edge of interdisciplinary research requires a faculty that is more adventurous in its outlook than the normal law faculty.


Professor Thalia Anthony:  UTS is really strong in terms of the stand it takes on social justice.


Anais Tobalagba, PhD Student: The reason why I decided to come to UTS and in particular the Faculty of Law is the focus of UTS on innovation. My research is quite innovative in a way because it’s a very new branch of international Law.


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The Impact


David Carter, Senior Lecturer: The impact of my research is really about trying to listen the negative impacts of health care on the lives of Australians and others elsewhere and so the impact that I’m looking for is to make sure that we reduce the number of healthcare related harm reduce the number of deaths and that we increase the support for doctors patients and others in tackling this really huge problem.


Sacha Molitorisz, Postdoctoral Research Fellow: In the Faculty of Law here one of the specific goals there is that you might have any impact on law and policy and you know you might impact governments, people in positions where they can change government policies.