This is the transcript for the video: Legal Futures and Technology Major student experience

I chose to do the Legal Futures & Technology major because it allows me to future-proof my degree. It gives me an opportunity to understand the unique nature of technology in legal practice. UTS provides a range of electives and options under the Legal Futures & Technology major, you can choose capstones which directly address areas such as bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, or you can go for areas such as intellectual property, which are more relevant to the growing tech age.

My favorite subject in my major would be the Disruptive Technologies elective,because it’s a really interesting insight into new technologies such as smart contracts and bitcoin. So cryptocurrencies function through a platform known as blockchain and as technology improves blockchain will become more and more prevalent in our society as a way to transfer information and to securely transfer that information.

The legal Tech major gives you the opportunity to undertake a local internship, or to challenge yourself with something like the Allens Neota UTS Law Tech Challenge. The UTS Neota Logic Challenge is a challenge where you can build an application such as a chat bot or a web form, and it allows me to combine my passion for justice with my interest in the legal tech area.

What really attracted me to studying law was my passion for social justice. The skills and experience I’ve learned has allowed me to get a job at Marrickville Legal Centre. At my work we get to help vulnerable clients get the legal help they need and access to justice they require.

I’ve really enjoyed my experience at UTS Law so far. I’ve got to meet great people, had great networking and career opportunities. I’d really recommend it to anyone who’s thinking about studying law.