This is the transcript for the video Top 10 reasons UTS students become entrepreneurs

This building (Building 16) is pretty special. In this building thousands of entrepreneurs have started companies and if you look around the building you can see areas on the floor where the chairs have literally worn out the floor. 

Why do these entrepreneurs work so hard on what they were doing? What’s so great about being an entrepreneur? 

I’m Murray Hurps, Director of Entrepreneurship for UTS. And at UTS we have over 500 students working on over 300 startups and so we asked those students, what do they love about being entrepreneurs? And what might you love about being an entrepreneur as well. 

Here’s the top ten reasons that they gave us. 

Number ten 

You get to create your own job. If the perfect job is not out there for you or you can’t get the job that you want, create it for yourself through entrepreneurship. I think especially in 2020 when jobs are a little bit harder, this makes more sense 

than ever. 

Number nine 

It can make you more employable. I see employers increasingly looking at entrepreneurial experience as a valuable thing in their candidates and it can definitely add to your resume as well. 

Number eight  

You get to test and prove yourself so if you need a little bit of a confidence boost 

showing what you can do to yourself anothers through entrepreneurship is a 

great way to get it. 

Number seven 

You get to be better prepared for the future of work. I think in the future we’re going to have a larger number of smaller companies and you can start one of those smaller companies today. 

Number six 

You get to be your own boss. Entrepreneurs basically report to themselves so as 

long as you get along with yourself, you’ll be fine. 

Number five 

You get to work when and where you want, so if you’re a student with a busy schedule or you live remotely or you’re just stuck at home because of the pandemic, entrepreneurship lets you work in the style that makes sense for you. 

Number four 

You get to work on technology that excites you so if you’re tinkering with something on the side, think about whether you can find customers for what you’ll do and turn what you love into what you can make a living from. 

Number three 

You geto solve problems that matter to you. So, don’t just put up with problems in your life, find solutions to them for yourself and for other people. 

Number two 

You get to learn from what you do companies may fail but no entrepreneur fails to learn something valuable from their experience 

Number one 

And the number one reason we hear from our entrepreneurs about why they love what they do is because of the impact they can have. So, look around the room that you’re in and try and find something that was not created as a result of some kind of entrepreneurship.  

It’s actually quite hard. Entrepreneurs can shape the world and make a lot of enjoyment and benefits while they do. And best of all, entrepreneurship is something that you can start doing today. 

You won’t be great on day one, but you’ll quickly figure out if it’s the right thing for you and if you’ll enjoy it as much as these people do.