This is the transcript for the video Scholarships at UTS

Hi, I’m Kayla – 3rd year student at UTS. In this video, I’ll explain scholarships at UTS. The video will be broken up into two sections, where we’ll help explain one, What a scholarship is and how to know if you’re eligible, as well as different scholarships available to students studying at UTS and two How to find your scholarship and apply.

So firstly, what is a scholarship? A scholarship is usually a financial award given to support students while they study at university.

All scholarships are unique and have different benefits and durations. Scholarship benefits can include one or more of the following: a monetary payment, a full or partial payment of tuition feesinternship and work experience opportunities.

Scholarship benefits can be paid either as a oneoff payment or as Autumn and Spring session monetary tuition fee payments. These payments can continue from up to a year to the entire duration of a student’s course.

Scholarships offered at UTS can be coursespecific which means students applying for a scholarship must be enrolled in a specific UTS course in order to be eligible. UTS also has university-wide scholarships which are for students in any degree.

Scholarships may be awarded based on academic merit, for example, ATAR, selection rank or GPAequity for example, financial and/or other educational disadvantages such as medical condition, sole parent, carer responsibilities and community involvement.

Some examples of the scholarships on offer at UTS include Vice-chancellor scholarships awarded to high achieving school leavers commencing their undergraduate course at UTS. Diversity access scholarships awarded to hundreds of students facing financial hardship each year. Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education and Research Scholarships providing a variety of support Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander students. Co-operative scholarships which offer financial support and industry experience during specific degrees within the Faculty of Business and Faculty of Engineering and IT.  Scholarships for athletes for students competing in sport at a state, national or international level by providing a variety of support for students. UTS Global Exchange scholarships offered to students interested in going on exchange during their studies and Scholarships for international students.

Each scholarship has a Conditions of Award which outline the details of the scholarship. The Conditions of Award details information that will help you with your scholarship application such as Purpose of the scholarshipValue and benefitsduration of the scholarshipeligibility and selection criteriaOngoing eligibility criteria.

How do I find a scholarship? Scholarship information is published on the UTS website and can be found via the: UTS Scholarship search tool and Individual scholarship Conditions of Award.

To find this information start at the UTS homepage. Click future students – and scroll to the Scholarship tile. The Scholarships at UTS page has a link to the Scholarships search toolClick on the link for the scholarships search toolThe scholarships search tool can be customized to suit your current situation, for example: Under student informationClick no for current UTS studentYes to current school leaver if you are completing year 12 in 2020 No for international student if you are a domestic student. Leave the other boxes as is unless you are Indigenous Australian or would like to find genderspecific scholarships. Under study detailsClick the course type you plan to study, for example – undergraduate level study is for students planning to study a Bachelor’s degree. Click if you plan on studying full or part time. Select the area of study you are interested for example business. Leave the scholarship type as any to return maximum results. Click search to see a list of potential scholarships relevant to yourself and click each scholarship name to read more about it. Under the quick links on each scholarship page will be the Conditions of Award and if the scholarship is currently open, there will be a link to the online application form. You can always search by the name of the scholarship in the search tool.

I’ll go through the steps on how you can apply for a scholarship. Firstly, you’ll have to apply through UAC (Universities Admissions Centre) for the UTS undergraduate courses you want to study. Then, you’ll find a scholarship on the UTS website using the scholarship search tool and check if you are eligible. Next, complete a UTS scholarship application directly on the UTS website. In some cases, shortlisted applicants will also need to attend an interview. Finally, for scholarships with an Equity component, complete a UAC Equity Scholarship application or the UAC Educational Access Scheme application on the UAC website. As you progress through the process, UTS will contact you directly about the status of your scholarship application.

I hope you’ve learnt more about the different scholarships at UTS, how to find them and how to apply. If you have any questions about UTS Scholarships, visit the UTS website or contact our Future Students team.