This is the transcript for the video Research strategy overview

Hi, I’m Kate McGrath and I’m the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research here at UTS, and I’m very excited to introduce you to our new research strategy.

Here at UTS, we’re really committed and have been since we began, to being able to undertake excellent research that delivers real impact to our community. We’ve done that as a university but also every single one of our research community is dedicated to delivering excellent research that delivers impact beyond our own environment.

We’ve seen a huge change in that over the last decade as we’ve done a really big investment in our academic growth strategy and our campus development strategy, so when you look around campus, you’ll see that we have amazing facilities now and we have a growth in our academic research that allows us to be of a scale that allows us to deliver real solutions to the outside world.

In particular, what we see at UTS that’s really distinctly different, we believe, is that we have this amazing culture of collegiality and creativity in our workforce. We also recognise that it’s really important to be connected to industry and community, that we have an agile way of working that also incorporates transdisciplinary expertise, and that we explore things in a really different way than other people do and identify what we’re really good at.

Taking this approach means that what we’re able to do is actually solve really complex problems and create solutions that are going to work for the now and also hopefully for the future. So, with that embedded in our UTS strategy, it’s now time to think about how we can take it, build it and create even more from our research work.