This is the transcript for the video Myth-busting – now is not the right time to start a business

Bodhi: The business that I’m working on is called EYWA.

Phoebe: I’m the founder and CEO of medEQ.

Dilhan: I’m the co-founder of Urban Plant Growers.

Bodhi: And it’s a countertop waste convertor and effectively what it does is it takes any municipal waste product and it transforms them into a type of activated carbon.

Phoebe: It’s an online platform that influences the doctor-patient relationship through building trustful communication.

Dilhan: We’re an online store that enables everyday people to grow their own food from the comfort of their own home using our hydroponic smart gardens.

Title: “Adapting to change”

Bodhi: There was a bit of a stumble when the pandemic really hit and you skipped your stride for a couple steps. I feel like pretty quickly everyone has settled into their thing.

Dilhan: We’ve been able to transition quite easily into working remotely. The only thing we need to go into is our warehouse.

Phoebe: It’s a totally different ballgame so I’ve really used it as a reflective and constructive moment to move forward. I’m learning more about myself in this time, about the ways I can be productive and also the ways I can utilise what’s in my life currently to the maximum.

Title: “Feeling connected”

Dilhan: The beauty of a start-up community is the connections and the random people you can just bump into in a hallway. It’s really hard to replicate that virtually.  They’re doing an amazing job and they’ve done some awesome initiatives.

Phoebe: So, I’ve been utilising the UTS Startups calendar a lot. There was a health webinar going on at 8 until 9 so I just watched that while I was getting ready.

Bodhi: In any other domain of life, if you have a question the first thing most people do is try and Google it. And more often than not, you usually don’t have the language to actually Google the question that you’re trying to answer. UTS Startups essentially bridges that gap and they can kind of pull together a whole bunch of different people for you to talk to and triangulate your position and kind of be like – oh okay, that is what I’m trying to say, that’s the answer I’m looking for.

Title: “Build your ideas with us”

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