This is the transcript for the video How can you start being an entrepreneur?

So you’ve been inspired to be an entrepreneur by some guy in a hoodie, but how do you start? I’m Murray Hurps, Director of Entrepreneurship for UTS and there’s a really good reason these videos are not well produced. 

It’s because they don’t need to be. I shot these on my phone during lockdown in 2020, they’re good enough to get my point across and to test and to improve ovetime with your feedback. 

And to me that’s what entrepreneurship is. 

Every entrepreneur starts out being a pretty terrible entrepreneur that tries different things, tests and improves over time. I strongly believe that entrepreneurship is best learnt by trying, but there are a few things that you can use to help you along the way. 

Books are fantastic. I like the Lean Startup, the Innovator’s Dilemma and Zero to One.  

Facebook groups are fantastic, for example ‘Sydney Startups’ has 20,000 people in it that are working on or supporting startups. In there you can ask questions or learn from the questions that other people ask. Find one for your capital city. 

Startup pitch events are fantastic. At them you’ll see people presenting their companies and you’ll get to meet like-minded people. You can either attend in persononline or find videos of them online. 

And there’s a large number of programs across Australia that work in high schools and universities and elsewhere that help people to understand how to launch a company as well. 

I’ll provide a list of those in this link here. 

If you’re a student at UTS you have access to the UTS Startups program as well, which is the largest community of studentlaunched startups in Australia. 

Now every day at UTS, I see students launching incredible companies. They’re not waiting to have all the skills they might need. They’re not waiting for all the answers. They’re not scared to be the first to try. They’re just starting and they’re learning as they start and every day I’m seeing them do great things as a result. 

Now I think you can do great things as well. All you need to do is start.